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Syncing PostgreSQL Data to Elasticsearch using Logstash in Ubuntu 20.04

If logstash/elasticsearch in not installed refer https://flapicon.io/installation-of-elasticsearch-logstash-and-kibana-elk-stack-on-ubuntu-20-04/ Step 1: Install JDBC Plugin Step 2: Download JDBC library Step 3: Edit config to use escape characters in our postgresql queries in logstash. Add/Edit the following config Step 4: Create logstash pipeline file (Table name is institutes, therefore institutesync.conf) Add the following content Note username and password …

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Monitoring Services with Elasticsearch APM

Step 1: Download and unpack APM Server Download and unpack APM Server Step 2: Edit the configuration (If xpack is enabled) Open config file Change localhost:8200 with Replace host and add username and password of elasticsearch Start and enable

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Installation of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK Stack) With Xpack Security on Ubuntu 20.04

Step 1: Installation of Java Step 2: Other dependencies Step 3: Add the Elastic repository Step 4: Update and install Elasticsearch Step 5: Making elasticsearch public add this in config file Don’t worry we will protect it later Step 6: Start and enable elasticsearch on reboot Step 7: Install kibana, start & enable Step 8: …

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Capacitor Double Splash Issue

Step 1: Add the following configuration for splash in capacitor.config.json Step 2: In android studio goto res>values>styles.xml and replace With….

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