About Flapicon

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Creating custom, best-fit solutions

Not all businesses need the same IT. That’s why we don’t provide cookie-cutter solutions, we never sell generic packages with unwanted services, and we won’t force clients into solutions they don’t need. Instead, we provide just one thing: the custom solution that offers the greatest benefit for our clients and serves their interests the best.

Regardless of the issue or task at hand, we know not only that time is money, but that speed is of the essence, especially in support situations.

At its heart, IT service is about serving people.

Flapicon began with a simple faith in serving people who use machines, and this belief in heartfelt IT service has brought us from a one-man show to the 40-strong team serving more than 200 clients that we are today.

For Flapicon, delivering quality IT service demands that our clients trust us with ease. This is why we invest energy and resources into understanding our clients’ organisational structure and operational workflow – there is no better way to tailor IT service for every client, individually.